correct breeding

Since 2016 the Austrian Hungarian White Baroque Donkey is Austria’s only officially approved donkey breed.

Every breed underlies certain regulations that can be found in the related breeding book as for example the formality about correct breeding. Correct breeding has to be planned well. There are things to think of and forms to apply for already before the breeding animals are going to mate:


  • Inbreeding is unwanted. Breeder can get a mating-recommendation for their animals. Contact person for this service is  Karl Schardax, breeding coordinator:
  • Mating of one-year-old animals is unwanted. Breeding maturity is reached with the age of 36 months. This implies that breeding is only allowed with animals that are 36 months old or older.
  • The keeper of the stallion has to request the necessary mating forms. All this forms are received from the breeding federation Stadl Paura:


Stallamtsweg 1

A-4651 Stadl-Paura



This is also true for German donkey breeders, as the breeding federation Stadl Paura is the responsible department also for White Baroque Donkeys there. German breeders also get the microchips according to German standards from Stadl Paura.


Further important informations for correct breeding:

  • All forms that are not used during a mating season have to be returned to the breeding federation Stadl Paura in the same year.
  • Report about foals: when a foal is born the mating form has to be filled in on their back side and has to be send to the breeding federaton. In addition foals should be reported to Karl Schardax or Katharina Tschann per Mail including: name oft he foal, birth date, chipnumber, name oft he parents. Please mail to: or
  • linear evaluation: it would be ideal to only breed with allready linear evaluated animals. So it is checked that only healthy and animals that relate to the breeding standard will breed. Linear evaluation is possible at the earliest with the age of 36 months or older.
  • From the age of 6 months on, having your foal chiped is mandatory. A microchip offers advantages as registration in the animal data bank (for example AnimalDataCom, which makes it easier to find animals when data of the owner is known.


If there are more questions about correct breeding please contact Katharina Tschann,