equidae passport

Identification of donkeys

According to the EC regulation No. 504/2008, which came into force on the 1st of July 2009, all horses (which concerns also donkeys) born after 30th of June 2009 have to 

  • be identified and chipped 
  • get a 16-digit life-number 
  • get a horse passport issued 


For our members, 

4 easy steps how your donkey gets an Equidae passport: 


1) You will need an Equidae passport applying form that you can get from the breeding federation Stadl Paura (contact listed below), just simply give them a call or write an e-mail. The form has to be sent by post and unfortunately not electronically, because every single form has its own registration number. 


2)   The applying form has to be filled out and signed by a veterinary of your choice.


3)   The filled out and signed application form has to be sent by post to the breeding federation Stadl Paura, Stallamtsweg 1, A-4651 Stadl-Paura with the note (eventually with a short cover letter), that you are a member of the Society for Preservation of White Baroque Donkeys. 


4)   Please than wait for the Equidae passport and the invoice. 


Zuchtverband Stadl Paura

Stallamtsweg 1

A-4651 Stadl-Paura