about us

our tasks and aims

Since the founding in 2011, the Society is taking care of all issues concerning the White Baroque Donkey. In cooperation with the breeding federation Zuchtverband Stadl Paura, the official recognition of the breed could be obtained. Thanks to this, the Austrian Hungarian White Baroque Donkey is the only officially accepted donkey breed in Austria. 


Our tasks and aims: 

  • Contact for all practical questions and expertise concerning the Baroque Donkey 
  • Overview of the whole population of the breed 
  • Coordination of breeding to build a population with the highest possible genetic variability
  • Giving recommendations for mating, based on an international database
  • International exchange of experience and breeding animals  
  • Support of and collaboration with scientific projects working on topics concerning the Baroque Donkey and endangered breeds as well as spreading the gain in knowledge about this topics
  • Support of the cultural heritage through cooperation with national and international institutions and private person, which are interested on protection and preservation of the old and endangered domestic and farm animals. 
  • Coordination and implementing the linear evaluation of breeding animals
  • Representation of member´s interests 
  • Support of the members in buying and selling animals 
  • Support with formalities concerning correct breeding 
  • Organisation of regular member meetings with the possibility of direct exchange